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The LUMION COMPETITION 2020 has been postponed indefinitely due to a coronavirus that is spreading around the world.

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Message from the Head Judge

The site is located on the bank of the Seine, in central Paris, between Austerlitz and Lyon railway stations. It is along side the Asile Flottant , a concrete ship built in 1919 to carry coal into Paris . The ship was used as a refugee rescue ship after the renovation completed by Le Corbusier who designed and completed in 1929 the interiors of this floating Architecture in collaboration with Kunio Maekawa who has joined Le Corbusier as a disciple. The ship has been on the river Seine for 90 years, also following a strange fate and history.
In 2017, the ship has hit the shore due to the flooding of the Seine and unfortunately sank below the surface. This spring, a project to resurface on the Seine started and we would like to ask you to propose an architecture on the riverbed adjacent to Asile Flottant.
With the backing by the Le Corbusier Foundation we plan to provide drawings and photographs from the time. In light of the significance and potential of the rebirth of Asile Flottan today, I look forward to proposals that go beyond refugee issues and moving architecture that Le Corbusier has addressed. Details of the competition will be announced at around April 2020.

Head Judge Professor Shuhei Endo (Kobe University)

Born in Shiga Prefecture in 1960. Graduated from the Kyoto City University of Arts in 1986. Established Endo Shuhei Architect Institute in 1988. Worked as a professor at the Salzburg Summer Academy in 2004. He become a professor at the Kobe University Graduate School since 2007.


The competition will be held on a site alongside the River Seine. From the Eiffel Tower, follow up the river towards west, go past Notre Dame Cathedral and a little further up is where Asile Flottant is floating. The river bank next to it will be our venue.

3D Data

We carried out a 3D point cloud scan of the site, including Asile Flottant, and published it online. We will also hand the raw data out to participants.Click Here


4.2 It has been postponed indefinitely due to the coronavirus that is spreading throughout the world.


Lumion COMPETITION 2020実行委員会(構成員:一般社団法人 日本建築設計学会、有限会社リビングCG)


Fondation Le corbusier

Le Corbusier

Fondation Le corbusier, Landowner, Prof.Endo, LivingCG


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